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WRONG FORECAST Daily Times blogger:
The idea our economic ills can be cured by more education is clearly wrong. The economists and government forecasters got it wrong that the future was in service industries and we didn’t need to manufacture things anymore. There will never be enough jobs in the service sector to employ new graduates. Most of them are low-paying anyway and don’t need a degree. Worse, the Bell Curve really does exist and ours is offset 10 points behind the Chinese.

me: what?? While it is certainly true that the US failed trade policies have allowed millions of manufacturing jobs to be shipped offshore to Third World countries, weakening the economy and virtually crippling the industrial sector the idea that less money for education is better for the economy because the forecast was wrong is absolutely ridiculous.

Reducing an emphasis on education is NOT the answer-should we just let the mindless drivel of corporation controlled public school educated puppets go out into the real world without any knowledge of how to analyze and interpret information and be happy to receive ANY employment while key components of law making continue to affect us and destroy the middle class? Why bother to get educated when you have to work such long hours just to make ends meet and compete with less developed countries that benefit our key money players? Shouldn’t we all just be happy to survive while others are able to purchase our political system and we have zero ability to discern disseminated information?? …time to start debating the real stuff… Of course outsourcing benefits only the short to medium bottom line however when you can jump off with that golden parachute who cares about the business’s long term profitability? If you are not born into a powerfully connected wealthy family than just close your eyes, shut off your brain and get a damn job you lazy high school graduates!!! (Who ever said you could change things?)

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