Delaware County bloggers

From the Daily Delco Times:

“How about a 5 or 7 day series on the independent voter? I didn’t like Bush, don’t like holy O, yet bipartisan distrust of the Reps and Dems gets buried.”
 So very true-WHERE is the voice/party that represents independent thinkers?? WHERE is our news as well??
I have to flip back and forth between MSNBC and FOX to try and  get enough information to make a reasonable assumption. Why dont we change the way money is transferred for a candidate to run? With corporations, special interestes, lobbying, party before people affiliation, etc, etc, who in the h@ll can we choose that doesnt swing the pendulum too far either way? Lest we forget the INDEPENDENTS were the deciding factor in the last big election… what should we call our grass roots movement? That is the question I want Daily Times readers to answer.

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